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MAN at a glance


MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport solution providers, with an annual revenue of some 11 billion euros (2018). The company's product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses/coaches and diesel and gas engines along with services related to passenger and cargo transport. MAN Truck & Bus is a company of TRATON SE and employs more than 36,000 people worldwide.

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Our products and services

The products range from the vans with a gross weight of 3.0 to 5.5 tonnes, through trucks with a gross weight of 7.49 to 44 tonnes, to heavy special-purpose vehicles with a gross train weight of up to 250 tonnes. MAN is now a full-range supplier. The company also produces city buses, intercity buses, coaches and bus chassis for the MAN brand, along with luxury coaches for the NEOPLAN brand. The product portfolio also includes industrial engines for marine, on-road and off-road applications and a comprehensive range of transport-related services.


Economic environment

The high-level market for trucks in Europe in 2018 again showed a slight increase. The market volume in the segment for trucks exceeding six tonnes in Europe was around 369,000 (356,000) units. Of the larger volume markets, Germany, France, Poland and Italy in particular continued to grow, while demand in the UK declined slightly. The market beyond Europe shrank, particularly in Turkey, to a very low level. The market in Russia deteriorated over the course of the year and generally grew very slowly over the previous year. The segment for European manufacturers also declined sharply again in the Middle East. New registrations for MAN Truck & Bus in the European truck market rose for vehicles exceeding six tonnes to around 61,000 units (55,500). MAN Truck & Bus thus increased its market share to 16.5% (15.6%)

The market for buses in Europe developed positively in 2018, reaching 30,500 (29,800) units. The volume markets in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic continued to grow significantly in the year under review, while demand declined in France, Great Britain, Sweden and Austria. The market beyond Europe in Russia continued its recovery. The South African market, where MAN has been the market leader since 2014, roughly reached the previous year’s level in 2018. MAN Truck & Bus was able to increase new registrations in the market in Europe for buses exceeding eight tonnes by 9% to around 4,400 units. MAN Truck & Bus was again able to noticeably exceed the previous year’s figure (13.4%) with a market share of 14.5% in 2018.

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Our success

MAN Truck & Bus enjoyed comprehensive success especially in Europe in 2018. Turnover and unit sales increased in almost all areas. The company has made progress in many respects and has improved its key financial data. The future topics of alternative drives, digitalisation and automated driving are rapidly changing mobility, transport and logistics. MAN is concentrating more strongly than ever before on the challenges that these changes are producing.

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Our research

We want to make the world of freight traffic and commercial vehicles more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer and are therefore focusing, among other things, on three trend-setting fields to achieve our aims: Automated driving, connectivity and climate-friendly drives. MAN is consequently concentrating its research and development activities not only on the ongoing maintenance and continuing development of new products within its range but has also turned its attention to the reduction of fuel consumption, the cutting of emissions, the development of alternative drive systems and the use of alternative fuels as well as the improvement of active and passive safety. The RIO digital brand – an open, cloud-based platform for the entire transport industry, which acts as an independent brand within the TRATON Group – was initiated within the framework of digital transformation. 



Million Euros

is the operating result that
MAN Truck & Bus achieved
in 2018.




is the operating return that
MAN Truck & Bus achieved
in 2018.




MAN Truck & Bus recorded an operating profit of €402 million (€532 million) in the year under review. The operating return was 3.7% (5.3%). The decline over the previous year was due to substantial expenses incurred for the restructuring of activities in India. MAN Truck & Bus has, as part of its focus on the issues of the future, decided to discontinue the production and sales of MAN CLA and sell the plant in Pithampur. Excluding the corresponding expenses, MAN Truck & Bus’ operational results remained roughly at the previous year’s levels. The positive effects of the increase in sales were offset by higher expenses for new products and markets and intense competition. MAN Truck & Bus will continue to focus on measures that will optimise processes and cost structures and that will consequently enable the company to continue its profitable growth into the future. The ground to achieving this goal will be laid by focusing on continuous improvement and operational excellence.